Thursday, December 23, 2010


Picture courtsey: Ashwin Soni
Tired... After a long journey
When the sun was about to fade
She met the earth who could hold her for a while
She was breathing of peace
Felt the mist on her face
The River... then showed me her grace

and there i was standing...
witnessing the 'Serenity'

Saturday, December 04, 2010


Even after confronting so many types of defeats, he hoped that tomorrow will be his day. Holding all emotions in his pocket he walked all the paths where life took him. All these years one thing he was sure of.. that he's got something.. something which will lead him to that place where he belongs. He tried so many things in the hope that this will take him to the ultimate destination.. but he fell back.

The wait was so long.. still he was standing tall. Each day in his life was a challenge.. but the challenge was close to himself. He never showed it to anyone.. He was smiling.. he was caring. he loved his wife and pampered his children. He did everything he could do for his family.
For him, life was an obstacle race and he dreamed of winning it once.. He kept on going.. even the darkest night couldn't make him lose his way. He is no one special... he is just an ordinary man hoping to live a happy life.
I see him today.. seems that finally he found his way. He is content.. ambitious.. learning.. happy.. and most of all he was respecting what he was doing. He is expecting more from himself rather than from someone else. Because he knows that he has got something after a very long time... so he appreciates it.

May be this is a temporary phase of his life.. but it made me think.. keeping myself aside.
We are very busy dealing with our own situations.. puzzled and stuck in the web of happenings around us. Sometimes the person sitting next to you can tell the simplest thing in a simple way which we are often oblivious of!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010


A lot is written in those hefty books about philosophy and human behavior.. How a person thinks and how he affects his surrounding and vice verse. I know it from multimedia sources, though I've hardly read a few.
A very famous scene from Matrix, how the flower vase is knocked off the table by the touch of Neo's hands after Oracle's deliberate remarks about the vase.. as if his mind was unconsciously following her instructions without his permission. Had he had some idea about what she said will aberrate him from being stable and conscious... the vase wouldn't fall. Its the mind which unknowingly follows the surrounding's instructions. This thing happens in our everyday life if we look at it closely... Neo couldn't save the vase and we likewise are not able to avoid something happening to us because of something/someone else... For the observational theory is much easier than doing it in real life.

It was a long day... some holed out my cheek, some put a tiny Perl on my eyelid.. nevertheless I end up writing here a good note about life.

I'll turn a new page and the old foliate
Some things I'll agree and sometimes I'll retaliate
I am rugged.. little impervious to change
agitated by the happenings..
I will run through the ground
climb that tiny hill.. and shout out loud!
when I'll be back I'll walk through the same path I walked earlier
But I'll be poised this time..
climbed down temporary aberration of mind
I'll welcome the variety of life
and chose another vibe

Monday, October 25, 2010

Chasing the dreams...

And yes, the moment when I was procrastinating was the moment when I forgot to fill my mind, heart & soul with the rejoice of my future, the only thing which makes me keep on stepping towards success.
- A clipping from my very first post

There was no alcohol but we were high.
We were in the air without a flight.
Who could come and say 'just stop it!'?
when only thing we knew was the sky as a limit.

Sometimes we need reminders from our own deeds. Well, instead I should say sometimes we must listen to the reminders which come our way.. because we know what we are but just knowing is not enough.

I used to talk about faith and dreams... and I myself got lost in those. The chase to dreams fell back and I was mazed in the crossroads of life.

I tried to come back many times but I always hid behind the curtains of diffidence..
But here I say... for how long a bird of thoughts can be caged... it is destined to fly!

Sunday, July 04, 2010

I think.. till now..

Self help books suck when read excessively. read only a good one or none, please don't ask me which one :D

First impression is 99% last impression. Although i don't remember the remaining 1% cases, but as they say.. exceptions are always there.

Murphy's law holds true; if something goes wrong it goes wrong till the worse happens. But The Good happens right after that.

Astrology is nice when taken as interesting & fun topic of conversation between two unknowns, harmful when taken seriously.

Mom's lap is the best place in the world where i can keep my head & leave all the tensions. And when she's not around i can even feel her warmth.

Honesty is best policy. Lies don't always work. But sometimes you can't avoid lying.

I can't worship a living creature. I can only praise & be a fan. I only believe in the invisible strength called God.

to be continued...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

I know this...! Finally! :)

Hey friends!
Finally i could tell someone what is the meaning of my name! :P
Ranu – Indonesian meaning lake
God! It took 22 years to find the meaning of my name somewhere..!
Find the source here
:) Now i know it!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

inspirational jerk

Have a look at this video ... you'll surely get an inspirational jerk :)

Here's another one...